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The Awarded Youth Dance Group

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Our Performances

Cornfest in Martonvásár

Preparations in Beethoven School

The group has 'taken over' the streets and the Brunsvik Castle by dance.
Pedestrians came by to watch and enjoy.
The Lucky Ones gained the pivilege of travelling by cart

The Mayor of the city arrived on the cart with the Százszorszép Group with style.
The round of applause indicated the mood of the event adequately

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Even if it's not only about us but about the
The I. Cornfest held at Martonvásár.

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L'Italia, la bella

The North-Italian town, Ferriere gives place to the International Youth Festival (Festival Internazional Dei Giovani)
The Villő Group has performed alongside members of various nationalities from the 22nd of July to the 6th of August in 2011:

- Bulgarian
- Inuit (Eskimo),
- Russian
- Taiwanese and
- Turkish

Together they toured

- Parma
- Milan
- Piacenza and
- Farini.

As a result of their memorable participation, Villő has been awarded with the  Festival Prize .

Internacional Danube Day - Danube Flag Ceremony - Budapest

Felső-Maros menti táncok

The state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development took the Danube Flag from the representative of Romania on a ship on the River Danube, which flag symbolises the cooperation of the over 81 million people of the Danube-catchment-basin.
The event, attended by representatives of our country and various guests, was embellished by the folk dance of the group Villő.
On the event's website, a we are to be found on picture 11.

Folk Dance Day - Martonvásár

Kalotaszegi először Kalotaszegi másodszor Kalotaszegi harmadszor Szilágysági először Szilágysági másodszor Szilágysági harmadszor

The gym of the school is crowded by people as usual, at the annual gala of the ending of the school-year. Members of the Art School present their whole annual work at this event.
As the parents' hearts fill with pride, watching their children performing, the school is grateful for Vajda Levente and Vajda Rozália, who organize the productions of Villő Group.
(The videos have been shortened and cut.)

IMPEL general assembly - Hotel President - Budapest

'IMPEL, the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law, is an international association of environmental authorities in Europe. The network is committed to contribute to a more effective application of EU environmental law by capacity buiding, awareness raising, sharing good practices, providing guidance and tools, enforcement cooperation and giving feed back to lawmakers and regulators on the practicability and enforceability of environmental legislation.'
The event's host, the Ministry of Rural Development, asked the Villő Group to accompany and entertain the guests by their performance at the diner in the end of the assembly.
Considering the lack of space we performed with three pairs. We were honored by this request and also were very grateful for the enthusiasm of the foreign guests.

BIMUN closing ceremony - Budapest

BIMUN, the Budapest International Model United Nations was organised by Eötvös József Secondary Grammar School this year.
We are proud to proclaim, that the highlight of the end-ceremony was the production of Villő Group and the Táncház ( after that.

You can find further pictures on the event's offical website:

Folk festival - Székesfehérvár

With utmost attention we rehearse for every regional and country-wide get togethers.
In these get togethers we come to experience our strong points and the parts that should be improved. What inspires us particularly is that we can represent Martonvásár and its art school on these events meanwhile having fun with similar age-groups.